Collagen and healthy skin

What is collagen?

A highly abundant protein found most commonly in your skin, bones, muscles and tendons. It is particularly important protein in your skin, providing the foundation for its strength and structure. An abundance of collagen creates tighter, smoother and better glow over all. Unfortunately, as we age our natural collagen production levels decrease significantly. As a result, cosmetic medicine has a key focus on collagen replenishment and boosters for the immense benefit this provides to your skin naturally.

Healthy skin needs collagen

Proteins repair your body and collagen is no different. It directly supports skins cells in renewing and repairing themselves. When your bodies cells rapidly repair themselves they become far healthier. As a result, your skin will restore and maintain its moist, soft, firm and elastic feel.

Collagen supportive treatments

Cosmetic medicine has a major focus on collagen stimulation and production. The benefits of collagen for healthy skin are widely known. Some of the best treatments for collagen stimulation include:

  • Protégé elite: Radio frequency is used to stimulate the skin creating a structural change that enhances collagen production in the applied areas.
  • Factor 4: Is a reapplication of your cells in a specific site for targeted skin healing and replenishment.
  • Skin pen: Skin needling treatments that stimulate skin repair by creating microtears on the dermis.
  • Dermapen 4: Also a skin needling treatment, however the Dermapen is the latest in technology creating the best results.

Protecting your collagen levels

While cosmetic medicine helps restore and replenish, it’s also important to protect your skin. You can help your body maintain natural collagen by reducing:

  • Smoking
  • High-levels of sugar intake
  • Sunlight exposure

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