Protégé Elite

Tighten your skin with the Protégé Elite

A revolutionary non-invasive treatment, the Protégé elite targets collagen loss and weak collagen fibres to tighten the skin. The treatment involves the use of a device emitting a monopolar radio frequency of electrical energy, which warms the skin to 42 to 44 degrees Celsius. During this process, collagen undergoes a structural change that leads to the natural production of collagen at the applied area(s).

A completely safe procedure, which does not require any pain medication or numbing cream. As a result, a highly effective and safe treatment producing dramatic, long-lasting results of tighter skin with far less visible wrinkles and fine lines.

Benefits of the treatment

  • Safe, effective and painless treatment procedure
  • Stimulates natural collagen growth
  • Strengthens existing collagen structures
  • Tightens and revitalises skin
  • Reduces winkles, skin laxity and fine lines

Protégé Elite treatment

The beauty treatment has various applications and can be used anywhere on the body where skin needs to be tightened and revitalised. Some of the most popular and effective applications include the chin and neck. A typical session will last approximately 30 minutes but can vary depending on the application area. For best results, it is recommended that treatment be completed over a 4–6-week period at regular weekly intervals. The new collagen is then produced over the next 2-3 months with stunning results. Following this, patients are also recommended to return every 2-3 years for a ‘top up’ treatment that maintains these results.

Although a safe and painless process, patients can expect to see some redness in the treated area for at least a few hours after. This will return to normal the very next day. While some clients report visible results after only 1-2 treatments, we recommend waiting the full course of sessions to see and truly compare the final results. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

Protégé Elite treatment packages

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