WiQo One Lifting

Stimulate natural skin restoration needle-free!

WiQo ONE is a painless and delicate natural skin regenerator, commonly referred to as bio-revitalisation. The treatment uses a chemical formula called PRX-T33, which is applied to the skin using a specific massage technique. The treatment does not peel, flake or become photosensitive. Once complete, you are also provided with a couple of at home products, to use in-between treatments in order to speed up recovery and enhance results. As with most natural restoration stimulators, treatments will need to be done over time for the best results. Contact our team to discuss a treatment plan today.

Benefits of WiQo ONE

  • Immediate lifting effect improves skin texture and tone
  • Skin appears brighter and smoother
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Procedure available year round

How does the WiQo ONE Lifting & Brightening treatment work??

A state-of-the-art cosmetic procedure, WiQo is a non-aggresive treatment on the epidermal (skin) layers. Many treatments aim to stimulate natural restorative processes, which WiQo does using a unique formula (PRX-T33) designed to promote innovative interaction between homocysteic acid, ammonium trichloroacetate, in the presence of low concentration hydrogen peroxide. This combination of skin stimulation creates extraordinary natural looking results, and has been used perfectly as a primer in combination with other treatments:

Before & After

What to expect with your treatment

Treatment typically lasts around 60 minutes and has instant results including visibly firmer, brighter and smoother skin. WiQo ONE is suitable for all ages and skin types. The procedure is combined with a complementary home care plan to deliver not only immediate results, but progressive improvement and minimal downtime. Most patients tolerate the treatment very well, however you can expect minimal itching or burning sensations during the process.

WiQo ONE Packages

60 Minutes


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