I Hate My Neck!

I Hate My Neck

“I feel bad about my neck. Truly I do. If you saw my neck, you might feel bad about it too, but you’d probably be too polite to let on.” – Nora Ephron, “I Feel Bad About My Neck”.

Do you hate your neck? Is your neck betraying you, making you look older than you really are? Perhaps you’re breaking out the turtlenecks and high collared shirts, wearing scarves even in summer, and doing anything you can to keep people from seeing it.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. For many women and men the neck seems to age much faster than other areas, developing deep lines, sagging, becoming mottled and discoloured.

As we age we expect our skin to begin to sag – we’re prepared for the fine lines and skin folds that begin to show on our faces, we’ve been warned about the loss of elasticity we can expect to find in the skin on our arms, stomachs, around our bodies. Because of this, we’re able to take preventative steps: moisturise daily, apply sunscreen, eat well, and exercise. But there comes a time where these steps alone are not enough and our necks are often the first place we see start to see this!

There are two main types of wrinkles that develop on the skin of your neck – horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal lines are usually due to a lack of collagen. As we age the collagen and elasticity levels in our skin begin to break down resulting in a looser appearance in the skin. Exposure to the sun can also speed up the process as UV rays break down collagen and dry your skin out.

Vertical lines often run deep in the skin, develop over a long period of time and are usually due to keeping your neck in the one position for long periods of time.

The skin can also become discoloured and develop those dreaded sagging folds that can even extend to your jawline and lower face.

It’s time to take control.

Rejuva offers a number of skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments – a discussion with one of our specialist staff members will determine the right course of treatment for you. Phone 1800 4 REJUVA (1800 4 735 882) to book your appointment today.

Though every case is different, one of our most popular and effective treatments for sagging and tired skin around the neck is the Protégé Elite treatment. This non-surgical procedure is designed to tone, tighten, and improve the overall texture of sagging skin on the lower face, jawline and neck.

So take charge, take control; stop hating your neck and start loving yourself again. Everyone deserves to feel really, really, ridiculously good looking – let the team at Rejuva help you get that feeling back.

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