How long do fillers last?

Fillers are a facial injectable that enhances features by removing fine lines and plumping the skin. They are a proven and effective way to restore volume with little to no pain. Unfortunately, results are temporary as the injectable use a combination of naturally occurring protein and synthetic substances, which are slowly broken down by the body over time. The exact timeframe a filler will last is dependent on a number of lifestyle factors. Generally, fillers will last anywhere between 6 – 24 months.

dermal filler lines drawn.

What’s in a filler?

While fillers can be created with a range of substances, the most common ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is naturally occurring, found in our skin, it plays an important role in keeping skin hydrated and volumized. However, one of the biggest benefits of HA fillers, is their ability to be dissolved by a special solution in case of an adverse event.

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How to get a longer lasting filler?

Other than choosing a longer lasting product, your lifestyle will impact how long a filler lasts. Taking care of your skin and overall health with significantly improve the lifespan of your treatments. We recommend:

  • Skin care: Focus on skin hydration, making sure you’re not only moisturising but drinking enough water to maintain the treatment results. Staying hydrated will help enhance the effects of hyaluronic acid, the key ingredient of fillers.
  • Reduce stress: Stress is one of the biggest aging factors creating lines, wrinkles and speeding up the aging process in general. Eliminating stress completely is impossible but engaging in stress minimisation is important to longer lasting treatments.
  • Avoid UV light: Ultraviolet light from the sun is another contributing factor to the deterioration of your skin. The UV dries the skin of the important ingredients it requires. Avoiding the sun, particularly right after treatment will help boost the treatments lifespan.
  • Vampire lift: A vampire lift is a natural way of restoring the skins vital beauty ingredients. Using PRP (platelet rich plasma) in addition to your filler helps restore not only the immediate volume but promote the skins overall health and longevity. Fillers used together with a vampire lift is proven to not only improve the treatments lifespan but also effectiveness.

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