Beautiful faces – The science of beauty

What makes a beautiful face?

Give people a set of faces, and most will agree on the most beautiful one. But do you know why these different people tend to agree with one another? Science tells us the important aspect in a beautiful face is symmetry and averages. Averages refer to our facial features being ‘like’ most others and proportional, where symmetry is the harmony of these proportions. Naturally, our faces are born with subtle differences, asymmetrical and beautiful in their own way. However, cosmetic medicine has unlocked the door to perfection – with non-surgical methods for altering both symmetry and averages.

Creating symmetry and averages

Today, there are a dozens of cosmetic procedures targeting the size, shape and flow of your facial features. From your lips and cheeks to the eyes, there are non-surgical and non-painful ways to perfection. We’ve listed some the most popular treatments to learn more about the treatment process and effects:

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