Wedding Beauty Countdown!

Wedding Beauty Countdown!

Your special someone has just popped the question – once you’ve shared the news with family and friends your next call should be to 1800 4 REJUVA (1800 4 735 882) to book yourself a consultation appointment to get your skin wedding ready!

In what will be the one of the most memorable (and photographed!) days of your life, you want to be sure you are looking your absolute best. Our specialised staff will help you create a personally tailored plan to target problem areas and make sure you are glowing and gorgeous on the day of your wedding.

9 to 10 months before the big day…

Start your beauty countdown by getting on to your hair removal plan early. Whether you want fuss free legs, a neatened bikini line or smooth underarms, our IPL hair removal treatments are effective and long lasting. A few follow up treatments in the coming months will take care of any recurrent hair growth and remove the need for constant shaving or waxing.

6 months to go…

Focus on your face – what would you like to see improved before your wedding day? Are there lines that need smoothing or skin that needs tightening? Perhaps a subtle cheek enhancement or an under-eye treatment is what’s required. Whatever your needs are, Rejuva offers a variety of peels, microdermabrasions, fillers, and skin rejuvenation treatments that will enhance your facial features.

Don’t forget to consider the cut of your dress. If your back, neck or décolletage are going to be exposed, make sure they too are looking their best. Treatments can be extended to these areas and will prep your skin for a picture perfect day.

3 to 4 months left…

Time to get serious. Now is a great time to visit the clinic for a follow up skin appointment. Best results will be seen with multiple treatments – your Rejuva consultant may even suggest a varied program to ensure the best overall result for your skin.

2 months – getting close!

You may not think of it straight away but there is going to be a lot of focus on your hands – make sure they’re looking as good as your stunning wedding band! If you think your hands need more than a manicure to be at their best, speak to the staff at Rejuva about a hand rejuvenation treatment.

A lot of brides-to-be opt for a teeth-whitening regime in the lead up to their big day. Why not also consider a subtle lip filler to really frame those pearly whites?

1 month and counting…

Book in that final hair removal appointment and enjoy the silky smooth results!

2 to 3 weeks…

Everything is beginning to come together and while excitement may be high, your stress levels are probably also building. Visit our Como clinic for a final facial treatment to relax, prevent any stress-induced puffiness, and ensure your skin is luminous and soft for your big day!


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