Sipping from straws and other things that cause wrinkles!

The number one cause of lines and wrinkles is from every day sun exposure, but did you know it’s also caused from facial expressions and movement?

As the ageing process begins, wrinkles unfortunately become a fact of life. Age, hormones, genetics and sun damage are all common causes for the lines that appear on our skin, but everyday actions and expressions can also contribute to wrinkles!

We’re all guilty of ordering a drink and realising we’ve just reapplied our lipstick or gloss. Solution? A straw of course, but when you drink from a straw you purse your lips in time causing vertical wrinkles along your top lip and around your mouth.

Similarly when we think our coffee is going to be too hot we’ll often purse our lips to blow or take a tentative sip. Let’s do ourselves a favour and save that muscle movement for kissing!

Never fear if you’re guilty of these bad habits, one solution to those pesky lines is a filler treatment. A filler is a smooth injectable gel that can be placed below the skin’s surface to soften wrinkles, fill under folds, and enhance features.

The aim is to create a natural result and more refreshed facial expression. Skillful placement of fillers can enhance and restore your features including cheek bones, jawline and the area around your lips. The physical signs of ageing and repetitive facial expressions can be slowed significantly by having filler injections in carefully selected locations of your face.

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