Shifting perceptions – aesthetic treatments and natural-looking results

Shifting perceptions – aesthetic treatments and natural-looking results

Though many people will consider undergoing aesthetic treatments as a way to refresh and renew tired-looking skin and features, a large number are put off by the horror stories they have seen and heard and worry they will end up with an extreme Joan Rivers or Michael Jackson type of result.

The perception that aesthetic treatments will only lead to a ‘plastic’ and fake-looking appearance convinces many would-be patients that these treatments are not for them. But these fears are often unfounded.

The team at Rejuva pride themselves on the quality and feature-enhancing nature of the treatments they provide and are confident their patients will see a change that not only refreshes their overall appearance, but also shows no obvious signs of a treatment being administered.

Rejuva is proud to be part of a global network of clinics whose treatments utilise the research and products of leading dermatology company Galderma.

Galderma was established in 1981 with a goal to provide “innovative medical dermatological solutions” that would meet the needs of a wide range of patients and practitioners. Now a global company, Galderma partners with healthcare professionals to be on the cutting edge of dermatological research.

In May of this year, Galderma launched the ‘Proof in Real Life’ campaign, aimed at knocking down many of the misconceptions of aesthetic treatments and proving that these treatments can be carried out with natural-looking results.

To do this, they enlisted the help of ten sets of identical twins. One twin from each set was treated with fillers or skin hydration boosters or a combination of both, the other twin received no treatments. Leading beauty and wellbeing representatives from all over the world were then invited to an event hosted by Sharon Stone in Berlin where they could compare the results for themselves and see proof that aesthetic treatments can be carried out with incredible, natural-looking results.

Though there were initial doubts from some of the participants, there was no doubting the end result. Each of the twins not treated said they were now considering undergoing treatment themselves after seeing the quality of their sibling’s finished result.

To find out more about the Proof in Real Life event, follow the link below:

Proof In Real life AU

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