The perks of a perfect pout

The perks of a perfect pout

It’s hardly news that the world of beauty is obsessed with lips. Any beauty wrap is incomplete without a comment on the lip look and the Internet exploded earlier this year over Kylie Jenner’s new, enhanced pout. But why is this? What is it about lips that has us all intrigued?

Studies have shown that eyes and lips are the main focal points of a person’s face. Wearing lipstick has been shown to make your lips THE focal point of your face. So you’d want them to be looking good, right?

Lips are often also associated with sensuality and sexiness – Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate sex symbol, was renowned for her trademark over-lined lip look, enhancing the fullness of her pout. Angelina Jolie, voted many times as one of the most beautiful and sexiest women alive, also has gorgeous and full lips.

As we age, our lips naturally begin to thin as the collagen stores within them break down. They will begin to lose their shape and their fullness. As such, full lips are seen as a sign of youth.

So what can you do if your lips are not as full as you would ideally like?

There are hundreds and hundreds of make up tutorials and articles with tips and tricks for improving the appearance of your pout. You can over-line your lips, highlight them, use certain shades and colours to catch the light and give an increased sense of fullness. There are also a number of ‘lip-plumping’ products on the market, which temporarily irritate and thus ‘plump’ up your lips, making them appear fuller.

But all of these are temporary solutions that easily wash off.

If you would like something longer lasting, it’s time to pick up the phone and call 1800 4 REJUVA. A consultation with one of our specialist staff will result in a personally tailored plan to enhance the look of your lips with natural looking results – no trout pouts here!

It’s not just about increasing the volume of your lips, but also enhancing their shape. The expert staff at Rejuva will make sure that not only is the volume of your lips increased but that the resulting shape enhances and compliments your other facial features as well.

There are many different candidates for lip enhancement and rejuvenation. Whether you want to restore lost volume and shape, enhance the existing volume of your lips, correct the shape or even out the appearance of your lips, a treatment plan can be created for you.


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