Myth busting – Wrinkle Relaxants and Fillers

Myth busting

Setting the record straight about wrinkle relaxants and fillers.

Aesthetic treatments are a fantastic way to revitalise and add a youthful glow to your appearance with quick and lasting results. That said, many new clients are uncertain and often dubious that they will be able to rejuvenate their features without looking ‘fake’, ‘plastic’ or ‘done’.

We’re here to bust some common myths surrounding wrinkle relaxants and fillers to leave you feeling informed and confident about your aesthetic treatment options and the amazing results they can achieve.

The Myth: Once you start having treatments you can’t stop; your wrinkles will come back looking worse than before!

The Facts: The effects of wrinkle relaxants last for several months and filler treatments can last anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the particular product used. Both of these procedures effectively give your skin a renewed youth, slowing down the ageing process of the skin, improving skin cell function and encouraging collagen growth. This results in an overall and lasting improvement of the skin’s texture and most importantly, a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

The effects of relaxants and fillers begin to wear off slowly meaning there is no sudden change or ‘rebound’ in the appearance of the treated skin. The ageing processes that were reversed, paused or slowed by the treatments will gradually begin to start again, with many people who decide to not go ahead with a ‘top up’ treatment still noticing an overall improvement in their skin, even after the effects of the treatment have worn off.

The Myth: Aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle relaxants and fillers always look fake and obvious.

The Facts: There are a lot of ‘scare stories’ in the media detailing unfortunate horror results of aesthetic treatments that have been inexpertly carried out leaving their patients with unnatural, frozen and sometimes plastic looking features. The fact is cosmetic medicine treatments have improved dramatically in recent years with the focus of most practitioners shifting from replacing what has been lost to enhancing what is there. The outcome of this is an ever-growing community of experienced practitioners who are trained in specialist techniques to achieve natural-looking results.

Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Jenny McCarthy, Cindy Crawford and Courteney Cox have all gone on the record about their use of wrinkle relaxers and fillers and the fantastic improvements in their skin and appearance as a result of them. It is also likely that some of your friends and colleagues have undergone aesthetic treatments with recent surveys suggesting 5% of women between 30 and 60 years of age are receiving regular treatments.

The Myth: Lip fillers always look unnatural – who would want a trout pout or duck beak for lips!

The Facts: Technology in fillers has come a long way since their first use, with fillers now able to mimic the tissue naturally found in the body. This allows your lips to be smoother, feel normal and move naturally post-treatment. Fillers can also be used to smooth the appearance of lips without increasing their overall size or protrusion, giving your look a subtle lift.

Experienced practitioners will customise your treatment to ensure you achieve your ideal result. Injection points will differ from patient to patient, as will the amount of filler required. Fillers are available in a variety of effective lengths, that may give results from a few months, and sometimes even up to a year or more. It’s best to discuss with your practitioner which product is best suited to your wants and needs.

The Myth: Cosmetic treatments cost a fortune.

The Facts: While this may have been true once upon a time, gone are the days where cosmetic treatments would have been an unrealistic goal for anyone on a normal household budget. As technologies have improved and access to treatments has increased, aesthetic treatments are now very affordable, with anti-wrinkle treatments starting at just $179 and fillers from around $395 per treatment. Both of these procedures are also great value for money with most relaxants only needing to be repeated or ‘topped up’ a few times a year, and fillers usually even less frequently.

Cosmetic clinics such as Rejuva who specialise in aesthetic treatments can be a much more cost effective option than constantly purchasing expensive skin care products, delivering great results for reasonable prices. Most of our clients are everyday people who work regular jobs and like to look fresh and vitalised.

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