Lip flip or lip fillers?

The best lip treatment for your pout

Lips have become an essential part of the ‘youthful’ look. More than ever, we’re seeing people get lip filler treatments that plump and shape their lips into their desired perfect pout. Lip flips, are a recent trend offering a very different alternative to changing your lips appearance. But what should you choose, lip flip or lip fillers?

What is a lip flip?

A lip flip relaxes the muscles in the upper lip, which causes them to roll upward. This helps create a more heightened and ‘full’ pout. As a result the effects don’t last anywhere near as long as a proper filler treatment.

The difference between lips flips and lip fillers?

Unlike a lip flip, fillers inject a protein based product that increases the lips volume, size and shape. Also, fillers can be removed at any point in time if you are unhappy with a certain result or effect. There are also less side effects involved when going down the path of a lip filler, as well as the benefits of far longer lasting results.

Are lip flips safe?

Administered by a professional, lip flips are generally considered safe. That being said, many patients have expressed concerns/problems with the control of their upper lip after a treatment. In some instances, the treatment can cause adverse affects with the way you speak and also eat. As the upper lip is a vital mechanism in both of these functions. Although rare, there is no way to reverse this effect if it does happen.

Our verdict

We always recommend fillers over flips. There is far less chance of issues when choosing a tried and proven technique with minimal side effects. To be perfectly honest, the thought of losing control of ones top lip as a result of it being relaxed isn’t a good one. Furthermore, there is no quick way to reverse the effects, meaning you’re stuck until it passes and reverts naturally.

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