How long do wrinkle relaxer injections last?

One of the most commonly asked questions, wrinkle relaxer results will vary from person to person. Used as both a preventative and reactive treatment, injections are made of a natural purified protein. This substance works to relax the muscles by smoothing out existing lines and freezing them in place. As time goes on, the purified protein is slowly absorbed by the body and hence the results begin to fade.

It’s safe to say, most effects of wrinkle relaxer will last anywhere between 3-4 months.

What effects anti wrinkle results?

Your skin, is the biggest factor in wrinkle relaxer results. This includes your skin type, severity of wrinkles and how well you have looked after your dermis. Unfortunately, most of these factors are out of our control. However, regular treatments can increase the amount of time results last. Because injections freeze the muscles, they become shorter and smaller over time. Resulting in the need for fewer treatments for the same result. Other factors include:

  • Sun: The sun causes wrinkles, so limiting your sun exposure and using quality sunscreen is important to skin longevity. Sunbeds are tanning beds a big no when it comes to protecting your skin and getting the best treatment results.
  • Exercise: Unfortunately, wrinkle relaxer results fade quicker for those with heavy exercise routines. The constant scrunching of the face wears on results, causing them to fade. Although exercise is healthy, it’s recommended to retain a relaxed facial position.
  • Stress: One of the biggest natural negative effects on the body, studies have proven high-stress levels cause faster ageing. Avoiding unnecessary stress will not only keep you happier and healthier, but can help extend your wrinkle relaxer results.
  • Smoking: Another no brainer, smoking is an incredible detriment to your body. Those who don’t smoke enjoy longer results with all cosmetic treatments, not just wrinkle relaxers.
  • Maintenance plans: The only way to ensure maximum longevity of results, Maintenance plans create a ‘top up’ plan inline with fading results. Regular treatments will help the muscles better respond to the injection creating a longer lasting result. Speak to your cosmetic consultant for the best approach to wrinkle relaxer maintenance plans.

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