Bunny lines – not as cute as they sound

Bunny lines – not as cute as they sound

Every person’s face is unique. A system of 43 different muscles lies beneath the skin, working together to create the expressions that allow you to communicate feelings and ideas.

Just as everyone’s face is different, so are the expressions these faces can create and the combination of muscles used to create them. This means that some of us will use certain muscles more than others.

Over time, the repeated use of these muscles may begin to show on our skin as lines are formed which eventually deepen in appearance and evolve into wrinkles.

Introducing ‘bunny lines’. While the name is cute, there’s not a lot more to like about them.

Bunny lines are straight, slightly diagonal lines that can appear on the side of your nose. For some people these lines will appear naturally when they smile or laugh, others will need to squint their eyes and scrunch up their nose to make them appear.

Like all lines, bunny lines will grow in visibility over time and can be a cause of frustration to individuals.

In the same way better-known lines such as ‘crow’s feet’ and forehead lines can be treated, bunny lines can be treated with a dose of wrinkle relaxant. This will reduce their appearance, as well as delaying the deepening of these lines by temporarily neutralising the muscles that cause these lines to develop.

Interestingly, many experts say bunny lines can be a tell-tale sign that someone has had a wrinkle relaxant treatment, usually for crow’s feet or forehead lines. This is because when one area of the face has its movement stopped or restricted, greater movement in other muscles may be seen in surrounding areas as your facial muscles move to create your natural expressions.

If you are considering receiving a treatment to an upper facial area, it is a good idea to consider including a preventative dose on the sides of your nose to prevent potential bunny lines from forming.

REJUVA offers ‘half-area’ doses of wrinkle relaxants that can be administered alone or in conjunction with a full-area treatment. A consultation with your REJUVA staff member will determine which areas to target in order to leave you with a natural-looking result.

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